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Asset and Inventory Management

You have a significant investment in your assets and inventory, so when your product is stored, it needs protection and management. We can help you with all of your storage needs.

MOI's secure logistics center offers clients a spacious facility spanning 60,180 square feet. Inside, you'll find impressive features such as 36-foot ceilings, twenty rows of storage racking accommodating 4,500 pallet locations, twelve loading docks, and a convenient drive-up ramp.

As part of MOI's Asset Management Program, clients benefit from a complimentary assessment to determine storage costs, access to a tailored SnapTracker account, and seamless transportation of furniture to the logistics center. This platform empowers organizations to optimize their investments during expansions and contractions by efficiently utilizing stored inventory, managing assets effectively, and ultimately reducing total ownership costs.

We assist clients in maximizing asset utilization and minimizing expenses by:

Streamlining the tracking process
Leveraging existing company assets
Conducting asset analysis to eliminate obsolete inventory and lower storage expenses
Managing asset levels to streamline reconfigurations
Shortening cycle times from order to delivery, ensuring timely and error-free installations.